Explicit Instruction (Explicit, #1) by Scarlett Finn

Explicit Instruction (Explicit, #1)Explicit Instruction by Scarlett Finn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Copy received in exchange for an honest review


★Book Basics★

Genre: – Romantic Suspense/Dark Romance
Series: – Book 1 (can be read as a stand alone – No Cliffhanger)
Writing – Third person, Single POV
Main Characters: Felicity ‘Flick’ Hughes – Library researcher, cut off from her family and alone in the world. On the way to a Date, her Cab breaks down, and she makes a decision that will change her life.
Rushe – Bad guy, foul mouthed, grumpy (I love a grumpy man in a book), he is part of the Gang that Flick walks in on.
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author? – Absolutely


“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Seriously, this is a PSA! If a dodgy looking guy in an alley, tells you don’t want to do something, you probably don’t!

But then, there would have been no story!

Flick walks into a Bar, despite the warning, and soon finds herself in a very precarious situation and surrounded by bad guys.

What are you to do, when one of the bad guys decides to take an interest in you, yet does not act like you think he should.

“I’ll uncuff you, but you’ve got to stay close to me,” he said. “Do as you’re told.”
“You’re going to let me go?”
“No. I haven’t had my fun with you yet.”

It is rare for me in a book to like the heroine as much as the hero, but I did here. I loved Flick, she was a smart mouthed kick-ass little spitfire.

And Rushe – yeah, he is not a good guy, but when he is the best of a bad bunch, and despite his moody and grumpy ways, seems to go out of his way to look after you, how can you not fall in love with him!

And kudos to the author, she kept Rushe consistent throughout the book! He is who he is, and you can take him or leave him. He is a foul mouthed, dirty talker, who has done bad things in the past.

He is not going to write a stern e mail to complain if something pisses him off. He is more likely to hunt down the one who pissed him off, then hunt down anyone that guy cares about, including pets and get his own back (psst not really! There were no fluffy bunnies or Bob the Goldfish hurt in the making of this book). He may be on the side of good, or the side of bad, but he will always have a reason and purpose for doing so.

The banter back and forth between Flick and Rushe was awesome and had me giggling at points.

But this is a book filled with hard topics and issues and full of drama. My heart was pounding at points wondering how it was going to come good!

An excellent 5 stars for me.

Some of my favourite bits:

“Why do you refer to my dick in the third person?”
“You don’t like it if I’m nice to you, and you don’t like being nice to me. So I’ll be nice to your dick, he seems to like me.”


“They’re my breasts,” he said, opening the motel room door. Flick paused to look at him. “What?”
“Your breasts?”
“Yes,” he said without shame. “Your tits mean more to me than they do to you, so why haggle ownership?”
Flick was sure if she hadn’t scared his smile away it might have poked its head over the horizon again. “You’re taking ownership of the breasts attached to my body.”
“Yeah. Problem?”
“No,” she said, with few other options……..
“Can I have your penis,” she asked.
“Now?” he asked.
“If you own my breasts…”
“We’ll work out a time-share,” he said, swinging them out of the lot and through the dark city streets.
“That hardly seems fair. You’ve already laid claim to my vagina, and now you’re claiming my breasts.”
“He takes a lot of looking after,” Rushe said.


Rushe was as stoic as ever, but his dry playfulness made her grin. A man in love should glow. It might be invisible to others, but to her he was neon

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