Emma’s Secret by A.P. Jensen

Emma's SecretEmma’s Secret by A.P. Jensen
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this at the start, and it was on for a 5 star read.

Emma has been in a relationship with Peter for a year!

When he forgets their first year anniversary, which coincides with another more tragic anniversary for Emma, she decides to break up with Peter.

As I say, I really enjoyed it in the first half. I love a relationship driven story sometimes.

But then in the latter half, it started to drag. Emma complained she needed someone “present” while managing to be one of the most emotionally distant people to have ever walked the planet!

And yes, she had gone through something tragic, I cannot deny that, but she seemed unable to comprehend at points, other people have issues and sadness in their lives.

Too much back and forth of her not trusting him, breaking it off, him going off to lick his wounds then come back for more. It just got – frustrating!

Add in a character like Leslie, who is almost cartoonish in her villainy, to add some extra tension.

The last 25% dragged too much. Then it is all sorted out in the last couple pf pages and ended rather abruptly! This is an occasion where an epilogue would have been nice! As much as they had been back and forth, and agreed to give it a go to only break up – them getting together for good in the end, happened too quick and in too short a page time and hence never felt truly real.

Still, I would read more by this author!

Amazon Uk Link: Emma’s Secret


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