Dark Prince (Dark Saga #1) by Christine Feehan

Dark Prince (Dark, #1)Dark Prince by Christine Feehan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Paranormal Romance
Series: – Book 1 of The Dark Series about the Carpathian Race.
Writing – Third Person Dual POV
Main Characters: Raven Whitney, American psychic who in the past has used her talents to track down serial killers at great cost to herself. On holiday in the Carpathian Mountains to recover after tracking a particularly depraved mind.
Mikhail Dubrinksy, Prince of the Carpathians, a species of immortals, who need blood to survive and cannot be out in Sunlight. Centuries old, and no longer feels emotion or sees in colour, as is normal for Carpathian Males after so many centuries of living. They need to find their one true lifemate to fight back the darkness.
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author? – Yes and have done so.


I read this book years ago, it is worth it to remember this was first published in 1999. I think it is certainly one of the first of this genre to be published, before many many “vampire” romances came out in the last decade!

At the time, it was hugely original.

The Carpathian race is a dying race, the Men need to find their lifemates, to save them from the darkness in their souls. After centuries, they no longer feel emotion, see in colour and the lure to “turn” feel at least something in the rush of power from a kill can prove too much for some, and they become the true Vampire of legend.

Mikhail Dubrinsky is the Prince of his people, centuries old, and burdened with what he sees as his failure to those people! More and more males turn, and with only one female having been born to them in the last 500 years, and births being rare and only boys when they are successful, he is full of despair and at the beginning has lost all hope.

Raven Whitney, shocks him, by connecting with him on a psychic level, and as a human, to bring him comfort in his hour of despair. He is intrigued and goes to her, and is shocked to find he can see in colour and is battered by emotions he had no idea he could feel.

“Shocked at the erotic twist his thoughts began to pursue, Mikhail imposed rigid discipline…He was shocked to find he was a possessive man, deadly in his rages and protective beyond measure..This kind of passion could not be shared with a human…better to keep his distance and satisfy his curiosity on an intellectual level”

But, he is unable to resist the lure of her and finds himself unable and unwilling to let her go.

They find themselves battling vampire hunters and a master vampire while trying to get to know each other and deal with the unbreakable bond and connection they are feeling.

The chemistry between the two is sizzling and Raven sees Mikhail for something better and more than he sees himself, while not willing to completely give away everything she is.

Mikhail is at times overbearing, almost unbearably so, yet, I find myself able to overlook this, as this is a man, who is centuries old, and dealing with all new emotions and a possessive love so powerful he can and does take over protective to the extreme! Would I accept this if reading a book about Mike the Dentist, no, but this is a paranormal romance, and for myself I can go with it in a way I would not a contemporary book about a truly modern couple!

I believe this was the first book Christine Feehan wrote, and I have re read the series many times.

Reading it this time, and having started writing reviews, I feel I read it with a more critical eye.

Raven and her history could have more page time given to it, and maybe a bit more of their relationship after all the drama, just a hint to see how they settle and truly begin a life together could have added something more.

But, as the first book in the series(which imo gets better with each book) and an introduction to characters that are very intriguing, Jacques and ofc Gregori, it is a brilliant start to a series.

Not much world building in the first book imo, but as each books goes on, the author pulls in more characters and adds more history and the world building continues as the series goes on.

The very first paranormal series I ever read, and I still love it now.

Amazon Uk Link: Dark Prince: Number 1 in series (The ‘Dark’ Carpathian)


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