Cooper (Corps Security #4) by Harper Sloan

Cooper (Corps Security, #4)Cooper by Harper Sloan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Thanks to my friend Kat Wants To Be A Glitter Pirate and the awesome power of her mind, this review is going to mainly be in GIF form!

And if you have an issue with that….

So, I loved book 1, hated book 2 and 3 (the misogyny oh the misogyny), so when it came to this book..

Let me explain something about the world of Harper Sloan. In this world, you have the Harper Sloan Heroine, who is all that is perfection.

Any other woman who has ever lived, is living and will ever live EVER, is henceforth to be known only by the term:

So, we have the HS Heroine:

annnnnnndddd every other female.

Oh, for any men reading this, do not think I have forgotten you! Could you pass it as a HS Hero!? Really? You think? Do you have an extra long dick with more than average girth? Can you move your hips with the best of them. Have you a shocking lack of respect for any woman you sleep with and who acts JUST LIKE YOU when it comes to sex? Well? WELL?

Well, does any of that remind you of yourself! OF COURSE NOT! You get to be lumped in with the **shudders** rest of the men in existence, which means you are either a player who does a whore in a bathroom while on a date with a HS heroine, or you are dirty and filthy (and not in a good way, oh no, in a way that spreads ANTS) or you are a weirdo with a toe fetish! Or an abuser. Or a rapist. Just in general a master at WankBadgery. Glad I could clear that up for you.

Oh and I could have done without that used tampon on the face image, thanks very much!

Now, let me give you the basic plot of the last 3 books in the series. (The characters are pretty much interchangeable in all honesty) You will be told that there is some soul deep sort of connection between our hero and heroine. As most of this happens off page, and we just get told about it, it will not ring true. The hero will at some point sleep with a whore, does not matter which one, but she will deserve to be treat like crap. The HS Heroine, will at some point decide to lay down the truth to one of these whores, and give some sort of speech, where she gets to verbally bitch slap the whore, and then can feel pleased with herself for bringing down a lesser being.

At some point, something completely ridiculous and far fetched will happen to bring the…

Despite being the most inept Security guys ever (seriously, they have let any number of ppl be killed and or kidnapped by this point) the Corps (Corpse as they shall henceforth be known due to said ineptness) Security guys will save the day and then sit around congratulating themselves over how awesome, in love and better than everyone else they are.

Despite all this, I am sort of intrigued by Maddox and probably will get his book, I am sure I will be disappointed. I have a complete lack of trust that his book can be pulled off at all!

And this book had some sweet moments, especially in the middle, it had some truly beautiful moments, which I did like, and it was marginally better than book 2 and 3 (which were DNF’s)

But, I am done! Thank you for staying with us on this rant! Please make sure to take all your belongings with you as you leave the review!

Amazon Uk Link: Cooper (Corps Security Book 5)

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