Chasing Her Tail by Katie Allen

Chasing Her TailChasing Her Tail by Katie Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Reviewed after re read!

Again another fun enjoyable read by Katie Allen!

Bridget is bitten by a small puppy that seems to have made its way into her classroom.

It is only later on in the day when she starts to feel ill, she realises it may not have been what she thought!

Micah, the uncle of one of her students, knows more than he has let on, and they have both been trying to deny the attraction they feel to each other.

Bridget runs when she realises there is someone after her, and in dog form, decides she needs an “owner” until she can work out what is going on. She finds her owner in Hammer (the friend who helped Harry and Ky in One-Two Punch and those characters make an appearance here) but things really heat up once Micah catches up to her.

Again, an enjoyable, light humorous read with a great set of characters. Some of my favourite scenes are those between Hammer and Bridget the dog, when he thinks she is just a dog.

Amazon Uk Link: Chasing Her Tail


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