Bikers and Tinsel (The MC Sinners, #3.5) by Bella Jewel

Bikers and Tinsel (The MC Sinners, #3.5)Bikers and Tinsel by Bella Jewel
My rating: 1.5 of 5 stars

Oh, after Jacksons book, which for me was the best of the series and ended it on a high note, I wish I had not read this book!

It feels like, at the end of book 3, where it is stated Muff and Janine are together, this story was forced together after the fact to appease fans!

I may well go off on a huge tangent here, and lose a lot of people in me trying to explain the issues I had! So you know, feel free to not carry on.

However, in previous Bella Jewel books, I have felt like sometimes I needed more….not from the stories themselves, but the little things that give a an idea of the scene and the timeline!

For example, in book 2, I really wanted to know, how long had it been since Spike and Ciara had met, how long since she left, how long since his wife died. All the sort of thing, that for me helps paint a picture of their relationship and how long it had been going on.

Also, scene setting I like an idea of where a scene is taking place. In book 1, when Addison is kidnapped, it is never stated, where she is taken to, it is just “I woke up and here I was”. Was it a hotel type place, a warehouse place! This may not bother most people, but I miss it when it is not in a book.

And there are a few instances like that in the series, and once I notice something, and it starts to bug me, it really bugs me!

So, at the start of this book, we have the same thing, they all seem to be packing in the same place! (I assumed later, this must have been Jacksons house, since Janine was apparently still living there) But, I am fully aware this may come across as nitpicking! But, it bugs me!

Down to the other issues I had.

1. the whole weirdness with the hot tub, truth or dare game, with the father/daughter combo there! Just no! Then the half naked sexy dancing version of the song the girls have to do! Again. NO!

2. The timing is all off in the book! At the end of book 3, where Serenity finally manages to get away from her father for good, and her and Jackson have their HEA, we get 2 more chapters! One is six months later, and Ciara has her baby, and then one is a year after that, there are babies and pregnancies galore! Here it is mentioned, that Addi, is pregnant, and has a little bump showing (so I would assume is at least 3 months pregnant) and Muff and Janine have been seeing each other 1 month.

At the start of this book, it is stated, that Janine and Muff have been going steady for a few months now…so again, I would assume anywhere around 3-4 months, possible longer!

But they are all off to a cabin, due to “recent” events ie..the whole thing with Serenity’s dad, but that is over 18 months ago! there have been 2 babies born since then! And there are now 2 more pregnancies!

The she gets irrationally jealous of Serenity and Muff! But, she has been living with Jackson and I assume Serenity for over 18 months, so is probably fully aware of their friendship and how it is. But it adds a little bit of tension I suppose, and she actually thinks
“He jumps fresh out of bed with Serenity and Jackson right into a boring old vanilla relationship with me”
Well, actually, no he didn’t, if we go by the time gaps given and stated in book 3, there was a good 18 months between the 2!!

Also, why would someone, come after money, after 18 months, and all of a sudden give her 3 days to pay!

And poor Addi, the longest pregnancy on record I think! She is showing enough for a bump, when Muff and Janine have been together for 1 months. This book, Muff and Janine have been together for “months” so I was assuming she was at this point at least 5 months pregnant! But, 7 months after the events in this book is when she had the baby! She was pregnant for over a year I reckon!

And yes, I am fully aware that I am probably highly irrational and ranty! But the series ended on a high for me with Jacksons book! I wish I had not read this one!

Amazon Uk Link: Bikers And Tinsel (The MC Sinners Series)


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