Beck (Corps Security, #3) by Harper Sloan

Beck (Corps Security, #3)Beck by Harper Sloan
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Updated – This was originally a DNF – but when I decided to give the series another go, I came back and read (skim read) this book, just to get the story right for the next book.


So, after I hated Cage, but loved Axel, I thought I would give the series another go with Beck!

However, I just could not do it!

The first 25% is just a very rushed, adds nothing, as it is so rushed and skimmed over, Dee and Beck view of Axel’s story!

Lots of this from Dee: “I hate men, I don’t trust them, Oh, he is nice, I must resist, oh but maybe I could be happy with him, something awful happens, glossed over in a sentence or two, then damn, I knew I could not be happy, blah blah blah, ok, maybe I can be happy, something even more awful happens, glossed over in a paragraph, see I was right I cant be happy!”

Then we jump forward 2 years….which given everything we are told goes on in those 2 years, would be pretty important to have experienced as opposed to just being told this happened and helped us to understand their relationship, and also, understanding Dee more, and her rather huge issues, as opposed to her just coming across a bit whiny and like a martyr!

Then it tries to do a bang up job of making us dislike the characters from the previous books (or disliking them more in the case of Melissa and Cage) because they were all too selfish apparently to see how much Dee was struggling (even though we do not really see this struggle, we are just told a lot that she has suffered it)

Anyway I skipped a lot to the end, just to find out these guys are the worst security/pi or whatever it is they are meant to be , Izzy gets beaten under their noses, when they are in the same damn house, Cohen gets kidnapped and Melissa’s mom murdered despite Cage having apparently installed the best ever security system! And Coop, Coop gets taken out, in their own damn office, when the rest of the guys are in the back on a conference call or something! How do these guys make money!?

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