Barefoot Bride for Three (Bride Train, #1) by Reece Butler

Barefoot Bride for Three (Bride Train, #1)Barefoot Bride for Three by Reece Butler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Elizabeth James escapes a forced marriage and awful treatment by her father and joins the Bride Train.

Trace Elliott and his brothers have been banned from town for fighting too much, and the sheriff thinks that if one of them marries, they will settle down, as their friend stopped coming to town when he married!

Beth is in jail at the start of the story, as the the town “bully” accosted her and she fought back, and since the town bully works for the mayor, to keep her safe the sheriff keeps her in his jail, and gets Trace to marry her so she is not forced into marrying the bully.

Given the nature of the book, I was not expecting too much with regards to story! But I was pleasantly surprised.

The back story of Beth and the brothers, Trace in particular, were told with depth and warmth.

It was actually a nice love story, with a bit of drama.

The only issue, was that I wish we has had more of Jack and Simon, although their history was so tied in to Trace and not as awful as his, but at first, it felt like they would always be second. In a way this was natural, as she met Trace first, and he saved her, but I felt this less toward the end…and felt like, even if at the end of the book, they were not equal in the relationship, it was certainly heading that way.

It was filled with warm and humorous scenes, and the brothers relationship and interactions were good.

A few of the descriptions in the sex scenes I could have done without but it did not really detract from the overall enjoyment!

Amazon Uk Link: Barefoot Bride for Three [Bride Train 1] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)


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