Angels in Leather (Rebels on Bikes #1) by Bella Jewel

Angels in Leather (Rebels on Bikes, #1)Angels in Leather by Bella Jewel
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Book started off really strong and grabbed you straight away.

Possibly a more angsty and darker MC club feel than her other MC series. It is raw and gritty and a darker read then the MC Sinners one (even though they touched on some pretty dark themes themselves)

I like how we get Axel’s POV also, as being in his head and feeling his pain, made it so, while not able to truly forget how his behaviour was to Meadow at the start, it helped to understand it somewhat.

I really did enjoy it.

However, as I have had issues with in the past with Bella Jewel books, actual details need to be worked on! She is great at writing a story that drags you in, but the basics, the foundations that carry a book are missing!

For example, why and when did Meadow go to jump? How did she recover, what truly drove her to it!

We are told, at one point, she lost her Mom, and pretty soon after lost her dad, well…she lost her Mom at aged 4, and lost her Dad at about age 20…that is not pretty soon after!

And when she is talking to Raide…The case had basically been a failure when we lost Axel and Beast, but then your dad started gathering information again. He was getting threatened, and it was becoming too dangerous for you and him to stay in town about why her Dad was taking her away the day he got shot!

Axel went missing with Beast when Meadow was 12….she was about 20 when her dad died! So at 12 the case is a failure, but he gathered more data, working for 8 years on a failed case, and then was getting threatened! It is told, as if it is a matter of months, when it was 8 years!!

It is like having a beautiful house, perfect decorative touches etc, but the foundations are a bit wobbly!

Amazon Uk Link: Angels In Leather (Rebels On Bikes Book 1)


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