A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise (Bride Train #2) by Reece Butler

A Contract Bride's Triple Surprise  (Bride Train, #2)A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise by Reece Butler
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

While this book was ok, it left me feeling a little sad

I read ménage books, because I like to read about the relationship developing between more than 2 people and how that works etc.

I want the relationship to be equal, not to say that between each man and the woman they cannot have their own special connection that is different to the others, but that all are equal.

I felt this slightly in the first book, but thought I would carry on and see how the series panned out, but this one made me feel it even more!

This is not a series about ménage relationships, it is a series about a married couple who “allow” the 2 brothers of the husband into the bed, and the married couple hold all the cards!

I felt in the first book that maybe the relationship was heading toward a more equal footing with the three men and the woman (even despite the woman saying her husband would always be first in her heart) but here, you just know the Husband Ross, is always going to be first in Amelia’s heart. It is said in the second to last page pretty much!

That is not what I want or expect from a ménage book. If you want to write this sort of thing, then you need to own it and write about it, a true ménage relationship! I feel like the author got scared somewhere along the way and made it into a story about a married couple who allow the brothers into the bed out of pity and a lack of women!

I don’t want that. It just leaves me feeling sad for the brothers, that they will know they are second best, as they get told it, they don’t have the ring on the finger that makes them first, they are there almost through sufferance and that permission to be in the marriage bed can be taken away any time by the married couple!

I do not want to read about a married couple and the 2 poor sods they allow in for pity sex.

I want to read about a ménage relationship, where every person is loved and wanted for themselves, no one is first above the rest and it is a true partnership. This is not what this book is and I feel ever so slightly cheated tbh!

Amazon Uk Link: A Contract Bride’s Triple Surprise [Bride Train 2] [The Reece Butler Collection] (Siren Publishing Menage Everlasting)


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