Second Chances (When Seconds Count #1) by D.L. Roan

Second Chances (When Seconds Count #1)Second Chances by D.L. Roan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

★Book Basics★

Genre: – Erotica Ménage
Series: – Book 1 in the Series
Writing – Third person, multiple POV. Needs some editing, missed words or wrong words used, for example – Stare, instead of stair.
Main Characters: Claira Robbins – in hiding with a new identity after the trial of her father, a crime “lord”. His successor, Lucien Moretti is looking for her.
Grey, Matt and Mason. Own a ranch, and fathers to 6 year old twins. Matt and Mason are twins and they all used to be married to Sarah who died years before. Grey in particular is struggling to get over the death of their wife.
Love triangle? – No
Cheating? – No
HEA? – Yes
Would I read more by this author? – Yes


Admittedly, this book is all a bit far fetched, insta lust/love and all sorts of things going on. But lets face it, it is an erotic ménage book – far fetched is almost built in!

In saying that though – I liked all 3 men. They were very definite different characters. I loved the first meeting Matt had with Claira.

Who is that?
“That’s Miss Robins,” Conner said…Matt looked at Con Did I actually ask that out loud?
“Yes,” Claira answered in nearly a whisper.
Matt’s head whipped around. “Yes, what?”…….He couldn’t think for shit with her standing in front of him….right now he felt lucky to remember his own damn name….Matt felt his throat close up and sweet Jesus, it was getting hot in here

It was cute and endearing.

There is at times, too many people to “suspect” of doing stuff – is it the neighbours, the new guy in town, Lucien? (ofc for some of it, it was none of them and new deranged idiot entered the picture!). Between stabbed animals, hang up phone calls, photos, fires etc – there is at times a lot going on, and suspects abound.

The multiple POV changes were a bit much at times. Occasionally, in a scene, it became unclear as to which of the Brothers heads we were in. It needed to be a bit clearer and sharper when a POV was changing, especially, if you are swapping around sentence after sentence in the same scene.

Same with the “scene” changes. I was constantly having to readjust my thinking as to where they were and how many hours later it was. You would be reading, and the next line, they are all of a sudden somewhere else, and you are thinking “when did that happen” only for it to be explained after like “we had rushed home” etc. Was jarring at times.

However, I enjoyed the story, liked the characters. Claira was a bit grating at times – when they all found out their dead wife Sarah had lied about something, she was all “Oh I am sure she had her own twisted reasons (yeah ok love, how would you know) but I would never lie to you about something so important (because I am so much better) but I am actually going to keep lying to you about something more important”! **rolls eyes**

But, it was enjoyable and I will read the next one at some point (especially since I already bought it!) and Grant intrigued me.

Amazon UK Link: Second Chances: When Seconds Count


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