Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

Under LockeUnder Locke by Mariana Zapata
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I loved this.

Admittedly, it took me a couple of chapters to get into it, at first the writing seems a bit choppy and a cpl of times I had to go back a page or two to remind myself of a question a character had asked.

However, once it settles and who was who, what connected them and the history of the characters made itself known, it just flowed and I started to really enjoy it.

Iris Taylor has had a hard life. She has had to move across country and move in with her half brother who is part of the MC club their father used to be part of. Sonny gets her a job with a fellow Widow MC member at his tattoo shop.

Charles Dexter Locke (aka Charlie or The Dick) does not get off to the best start with Iris “Ritz”.

On her second day in the job she hears him insulting her. And boy can this girl hold a grudge. It went on for a few weeks, but she is fully aware of how unreasonable it is in all honesty, she just cant help herself!

I was surprised by how nice everyone had been-with the exception of Dex’s dumb face.
All of this assured me that I’d avoided having to interact much with my boss. The owner. The bleeding mouth sore.

The snot-faced ass hole that I only kind-of, sort-of hoped came down with an infectious illness in his private parts. But you know, something he could get medicine for.


Dex was a temperamental bag of beaver dung.

ooh, and my favourite, which I think will become my insult of choice for the next few months
Duke Dickface

But it has been said there is a fine line between love and hate.

Iris, at first she took Dex’s crap, while insulting him in her mind and giving knee capping rights to her brother, but soon she starts to stand up for herself and is not going to take his crap any more.

Over the next few weeks they slowly start to get to know each other, slowly becoming friends and then more. It was lovely to watch their relationship change and grow from where it first started.

There was no real angst in their relationship once it had grown to a point of being more than friends….any conflict was from outside their relationship…mainly Iris’s deadbeat dad and his issues causing them trouble.

It is rare I like the heroine as much as the hero in a book, but I really liked Iris, with her insults and “That’s what she said” jokes and high fives. There was just something very endearing about her.

And Dex, yes he was a dick at first, but as we get to know him better and how he interacts and deals with Iris, you could not help but fall in love with him too
The Kindest, grumpy ass man in all of Texas

All in all, it was a hugely enjoyable read, and the slow build up of the relationship between Dex and Iris was beautiful to experience.

“you’ve gotta be the best thing I never knew I wanted”


“Seen a lot of things in my life – But you” His nostrils flared “my sweet, sweet baby, have gotta be my favourite by far”

An excellent 5 star read for me.

I would love to read about Sonny, Tripp, the guys from the tattoo parlour and even Luther!

Amazon Uk Link: Under Locke


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