Saving Grace (Serve and Protect, #2) by Norah Wilson

Saving Grace (Serve and Protect, #2)Saving Grace by Norah Wilson
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

3.5 stars rounded up to 4. I just preferred book 1, which I gave 4 stars to. Got as a kindle freebie.

Still, this was a hugely enjoyable read.

Grace Morgan left her husband Police Detective Ray Morgan, stating she was leaving for another man, but that very night is involved in a car accident and has no memory of leaving her husband or indeed another man. Ray is advised to not tell her this, as it could do more harm than good, but struggles as he still loves his wife but is dealing with feelings of betrayal, while Grace is confused and wondering why Ray has changed toward her. Soon other things start to happen and it appears all may not be as it seems.

It is very well written. You could feel the pain and confusion that both characters felt. How they were both struggling with the situation they had found themselves in, but still loved each other.

It got a touch silly when they were on the run and in disguise, but it was still a hugely enjoyable read that was probably more in the suspense side of romantic suspense than the first book.

I just wish, because it happens with every story with amnesia in it that the author had not felt the need to add in the pregnancy and “oh no who is the father, I have no idea” plot. it is seriously in every amnesia storyline I have ever read, and you just know it is coming. I knocked off half a star for that, as it is just so predictable.

Amazon Uk Link: Saving Grace (Serve and Protect Series Book 2)

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