Protecting Paige (Serve and Protect, #3) by Norah Wilson

Protecting Paige (Serve and Protect, #3)Protecting Paige by Norah Wilson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is the third in the Serve and Protect series and is by far my favourite.

Single parent Paige Harmer is at her wit’s end about her son. Dillon’s a good kid, but he’s fallen in with a bad crowd. She’s determined to enlist the help of her next door neighbour, the extremely handsome and much younger Tommy Godsoe. Tommy is a local cop, and until he got shot recently in a police raid, was a dog handler.

I loved both Paige and Tommy.

Their banter right from the start had me hooked.

Tommy “Okay, this must be the part where you smile disarmingly and tell me you’re some kind of Pacific-Heights type psycho and I’m never gonna get you to leave”

Paige “Good, because now wouldn’t be a good time to talk about it. It’d ruin your digestion. Let’s talk about me instead”

Tommy put up a good fight, but he was soon drawn into Paige and her son Dillon’s life.

I liked the “suspense” part and it was a great fast paced exciting read that kept me interested and reading in one go.

Dillon was awesome too.

Amazon Uk Link: Protecting Paige (Serve and Protect Series Book 3)


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