Port Of Paradise by Lisa Marie Rice

Port Of ParadisePort Of Paradise by Lisa Marie Rice
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

This had a slightly different tone to it that some other Lisa Marie Rice books I have read.

Maybe it was the setting.

Hope Winston is in Italy running a school for her best friend, Kay Summers. But strange things are happening around the house she is staying in. Her friend Kay insists she talks to Capitano Franco Rivers.

Franco wanted Hope and was determined to have her.

While he was the typical Lisa Marie Rice Alpha caveman in the bedroom, he was maybe one of the more sophisticated of her leading men.

While I enjoyed the book, sometimes there seemed a lack of emotional connection between Hope and Franco. Maybe it was Hope…while a typical LMR female lead (ie, has usually thought of herself as frigid before, denies her feelings for the hero etc) she seemed a touch more cold than other female leads in previous LMR books.

And her hatred of cops, maybe because that was explained in pretty much one paragraph, just seemed juvenile, that she would tar all cops with the same brush, when she is supposedly an intelligent women.

Not to mention her occasional actions that nearly tip her into TSTL category! So yes, she is a good runner, and she is feeling all smug and self satisfied and you wont get away this time while chasing someone who had broken into her house (bearing in mine the police captain is with her and this is you know, his job, she just starts the chase), I just wondered what on earth was her plan when she caught up to this criminal!

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