Midnight Man (Midnight, #1) by Lisa Marie Rice

Midnight Man (Midnight, #1)Midnight Man by Lisa Marie Rice
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I have to admit the very first Lisa Marie Rice book I read a couple of weeks ago did not inspire me to read any more, I enjoyed it, I just had a few issues at the start. However I found myself days later thinking how much I actually liked the first book I read of hers which was Woman on the Run , went back and upgraded my rating and then decided to try out some more of her books.

Well, I loved this book.

Interior decorator Suzanne Barron is renting out office and living space in the building she lives and works. Ex Navy Commander John Huntington, a former SEAL is the man who is her new tenant.

There is something about how Lisa Marie Rice writes an Alpha hero that is seriously endearing and almost cute. Which is hardly a description to use for a man, that it is acknowledged within the book that he made the heroine feel like she was
“in a cave where the man with the biggest club won”

But, and as with Woman on the Run I loved the hero. He knew what he wanted as soon as he saw it and never wavered from that. Seriously, he was just focused completely and nothing was getting in his way.

The attraction was instant.

“Suzanne searched in her depths for some way to deal with the situation. Some nice neutral ladylike etiquette that would help her handle having felt the penis of a complete stranger.

Erect penis, if you please

Huge, erect penis

Oh, God”

Anyway, back to why I find the super alpha cavemen heroes of Lisa Marie Rice oddly cute and endearing.

“He was going to have to get through this evening. And probably a few other evenings after this one. Asking her out to dinner – out on dates – was necessary. There had to be something between meeting her and having sex. He couldn’t just say, “Let’s go to bed”. It didn’t work that way, not with ladies.
Or so he presumed. He didn’t have much experience with the species. So here he was, locked into getting through an evening making conversation.”

“He took her elbow and a deep breath. First things first. He had to feed her and strangle out some conversation before climbing on top of her.”

“He’d decorated it in exactly one extremely painful and clueless hour at the closest Wal-Mart, choosing the first pieces of furniture he’d come across, not knowing what the hell he was doing, and having three beers afterwards to calm his nerves”

The plot was exciting, fast paced and scorching. It is funny and oddly tender considering our super, intense alpha caveman of a hero.

The ending was a bit abrupt, however, looking at reviews for book 2, I believe their story as secondary characters continues on book 2, which I am starting straight away.

Amazon Uk Link: Midnight Man (Midnight series Book 1)


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