Lost and Found (Martin Sisters #1) by Tamara Larson

Lost and FoundLost and Found by Tamara Larson
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
A cute 3.5 stars read.

Former librarian Jessica Martin, who at 26 is a virgin, has closed herself off to any sort of romance.

Detective Duncan Reinhold , is searching for his missing half sister, that he has not seen in years, and is not looking for love.

They have an instant (so instant you sort of have to just suspend your disbelief) attraction to each other.

However, it sort of worked within the story, and they both individually and together questioned it and tried to slow it down.

There were a couple of cliché characters, the almost obligatory gay best friend that seems to abound in Contemporary romances these days, and the more worldly/slutty/free-spirited (delete as applicable) best friend/sister that must be there if you have a virgin, repressed heroine.

The ex wife, who is almost a caricature of the evil ex wife she is that nasty for no apparent reason, and a baddy who was a bit of a lame duck in all honesty.

There were a couple of things that were predictable as soon as it became apparent Duncan was not going to inform Jessie about his wife, I just knew she would make an appearance the morning after they eventually slept together – I was not wrong. I liked Duncan more then Jessie. Jessie seemed to have a very blinkered view about what she thought someone should or should not do in a situation without giving much thought as to why the other person would do something, or indeed what they were going through, but I warmed up to her more toward the end, as she came to certain realisations on her own.

Saying all that however, is was cute, light-hearted read that I enjoyed (I just get the feeling it could have been more somehow.)

I really liked Kevin though, and Tamara Larson is an author I would have no issue reading again. Indeed, I will be buying Kevin and Jamie’s book as soon as I have cleared out some of the books sat on my kindle waiting to be read.

Amazon Uk Link: Lost & Found


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