Gotcha! (Tall, Hot & Texan #1) by Christie Craig

Gotcha! (Tall, Hot & Texan, #1)Gotcha! by Christie Craig
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Was a decent 3 star read.

Ended at 77% on the kindle, which for a freebie is ok, if I had paid for it, I would have been annoyed however.

Macy Tucker does not trust men, but Jake Baldwin is determined to protect her and get her into bed.

Macy’s younger brother has escaped from prison, as a fellow convict has also escaped and threatened Macy.

Enter Jake Baldwin into the life of Macy. But things do not get off to the best start.

Damn, but he liked her. He didn’t have a clue why. In less than twenty-four hours, she’d committed two of the greatest sins a woman could against a man: interfering with his job and messing with his family jewels. Well, a man’s jewels could and should be messed with, but gently.

But Macy is determined to not get involved. Men cannot be trusted.

Staring at her image in the mirror, Macy made one of those face-your-fears kind of confessions that are supposed to help your mood. “Hi, I’m Macy Tucker, and Jake Baldwin scares me. He tempts me. Being with him is like driving a bike too close to the edge of a cliff” A cliff with great scenery, of course. But Gawd have mercy, she hadn’t thought there was a man alive who could make her want to risk falling off that cliff again. Hadn’t she fallen too many times, only to find herself bruised, battered and broken?
She blinked at her image and waited for the confession to offer her some relief. None came.
She gave her reflection another once-over. “You look like hammered poo on a bad hair day”

It got a bit silly in the middle with what must be the most inept FBI agents ever and a couple TSTL moments, but overall it was a solid humorous read with an engaging and funny cast of characters.

Amazon Uk Link: Gotcha! (Tall, Hot & Texan Book 1)


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