Dangerous Lover (Dangerous #1) by Lisa Marie Rice

Dangerous Lover (Dangerous, #1)Dangerous Lover by Lisa Marie Rice
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Tbh, in the first couple of chapters, I was thinking, there is a fine line between a long lasting unrequited love, and quite frankly stalkerish behaviour!

I am not sure Jack did not tip over into slightly scary stalker behaviour here.

Caroline Lake, the woman Jack had loved since he was 18, and had not seen in 12 years, so basically, his entire adult life.

Her life has changed over 12 years, she had lost her family and the life she had with her family, and is barely struggling by.

Luckily, Jack is ready to swoop in and save the day. Lucky for him.

Tbh, I just struggled with the idea that what Jack felt was a healthy adult love. He spent very little time with her as a teen, and seems he used to walk to her house and wander around it when know one was there.

Now, do not get me wrong, I am all for a possessive caveman alpha, but there were certain points I thought it was going to turn into an episode of Criminal Minds when he tried to make a dress out of her skin or something.

However, I liked the differing POV , even from the villain of the piece, it built the tension up nicely.

As usual with Lisa Marie Rice books, it was all wrapped up in the last 5% and ended very abruptly.

I have read there is a novella about Jack and Caroline, which is pretty much what should have been the epilogue to this book. One can only assume, due to what appears to be many reviews stating the need for a better ending, she wrote that as a response, but I have to admit to having an issue in paying £1.00 for 50 pages that quite frankly should have been included in this book.

The thing is, I do actually like Lisa Marie Rice books, I just have to space them out, as it is all a bit formulaic and some phrases and sentences are repeated in each book.

Amazon Uk Link: Dangerous Lover (Dangerous series)


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