Abduction by Varian Krylov

AbductionAbduction by Varian Krylov
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
It is hard to rate or review this book.

College student Devan Astor is running through a forest, away from Conrad, the man who had abducted her a few days before and comes across a cabin belonging to Vaughn Doe.

When they meet, they are both mistrustful, questioning the others motives, scared of each other and themselves. Both battling demons that their history has given them.

They have days of circling each other, both letting their pasts colour every interaction between them. Vaughn in particular struggles and sometimes acts out in a way that horrifies him. He can hardly recognise the man he has become at points.

Just as they are starting to trust each other and open up, learn about what has brought each of them to this place and time, Conrad catches up with Devan.

At this point, it is just a psychological mind screw!

Vaughn and Devan are both stripped down to their most basic selves, a self they have tried to deny.

They are forced to face their most hidden desires, desires that make them feel self loathing, guilt, hatred yet a most visceral need.

Vaughn’s lungs were in agony, like someone was piling heavy stones on his chest. Every second that passed in silence was like a thousand-yard drop. Descending into hell.

But even so, during this time, they find themselves drawn into what is happening, what is being forced upon them, even though they both feel so much guilt and hurt for the other.

She was in his arms. They were together. It was too good. It was a happiness that hurt

I am conflicted about the end, on one hand, I think, if you want to write a book like this, with a character such as Conrad, you sort of have to own it and follow it through to the end, as awful as that may be. (although a bit more information on the who and why of Conrad would have been an interesting addition. What drove him to his actions)

Yet the romantic in me, likes the ending. It was a touch long winded yes, but stands as a testament to overcoming what can happen to you, and how you can face who you are deep down and accept that is who and what you need. And that you can build yourself up again.

“And it’s like” she went on hurriedly, excited that he was getting it. Her. “when you were a kid and you went too fast down a hill on your bike or skateboard. Out of control, terrified, just trying to hang on, ride it out. And at the end, you felt you’d been through something, and made it”

And that is sort of what it feels like to have finished the book really.

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