A Fine Specimen by Lisa Marie Rice

A Fine SpecimenA Fine Specimen by Lisa Marie Rice
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Lieutenant Alex Cruz eats, sleeps and breathes law enforcement.

They loved him. They hated him. They respected him. And they all deeply, deeply wanted him to get a life so he would get off their backs……
“Guy’s a genius at anticipating a criminal’s next move, it’s like he’s got a sixth sense for it. And with all that, for all his smarts, he doesn’t have a clue about emotions or feelings. Not his or anyone else’s. Not a clue”

Caitlin Summers is doing dissertation research in his cop shop.

Ales is not happy Caitlin will be hanging around. He is attracted to her and does not like to mix business and pleasure.

Alex kept sex and work strictly separate……..If he met an attractive woman with any connection to the job, Alex just flipped a switch in his head that kept his dick down between his legs.

That switch just broke

He’d already noticed how attractive she was but it hadn’t really affected him beyond a knee-jerk male reaction…he’s just filed it away as a distinguishing characteristic, as if compiling an identi-kit. Large, luminous eyes the colour of a summer sky, beautiful pale blonde hair so thick it frothed out of it’s ponytail, high, sculpted cheekbones, long graceful neck. Five four, slender build. Utterly gorgeous.

But now all that feminine attraction seemed to reach out…..She wasn’t wearing any perfume, she didn’t have any make-up on, her clothes were cheap and wrinkled. His cock didn’t give a shit. It just reared straight up, the fucker

But he is unable to deny the attraction.

Alex turned his scowl on Caitlin and she straightned in her chair…..

“Tomorrow evening” Alex said pointing a finger at her. “I’ll pick you up at 7.30 at your hotel”


Confused she turned to Kathy Martello “Dinner?”

“I think – now don’t quote me on this – but I think that Alex was looking at it more like a….a date”

Before you know it, all the cops are eternally grateful to Caitlin for lightening up Alex’s mood!

“Alex actually smiled the other day. I’ve been here ten years and I cant recall him ever smiling. and damned if he didn’t. Twice, if I’m not mistaken…..trés weird”

“And a few days ago I caught him humming”. Tom added “Memory” He shook his head “Can you imagine?”

It is a funny light-hearted engaging story.

It would have been a full 4 star however if I had not just finished Lisa Marie Rice’s Midnight series….since a lot of phrases and scenes in all the books are a bit “samey”

Does not really take away as such from the enjoyment of the read. It is just very noticeable. And the “conflict” such as it is, is all sorted out in the last 5%. I did wish for more at the end tbh.

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