Taken With The Enemy (Desert Phantoms #1) by Tia Fanning

Taken With The Enemy (Desert Phantoms #1)Taken With The Enemy by Tia Fanning
My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I was quite looking forward to this, but was left rather disappointed.

The heroine who is a medic in the army and really, if you are being shot at keeping yourself out in the open as nice easy target while you wonder “but what about the wounded” and you ignore orders is not going to make me think you are oh so caring that you risk your own life, it is going to make me think you are daft and a fat lot of good to those wounded you will be with a bullet to the head, but anyway

She is for some reason that is never really explained, kidnapped by our “hero”.

Her captor, cooks for her, appears to get all hurt and upset when she does not want to eat, then disappears for 5 days, our heroine goes on a passive protest of a hunger strike, he comes back forces her to eat some soup, and on the basis of this she tries to escape. He captures her, which she knew he would, he says he has to go away again, but is glad she is beginning to care for him. She tells him her caring is a symptom of Stockholm syndrome. For which I am sure she would have had to actually be in the company of her captor to even begin feeling but ok, we will go with it.

So he goes away for 4 days again, comes back, she is steaming drunk, and wondering how to protect her heart from the guy she has spent hardly any time with.

A couple of days later, she has decided she has fallen in love with him. At this point I just thinking “How?” How has she fallen in love with him, he has barely been around.

So she decides to escape again, into the desert where apparently the nearest town is 100 miles away. But it is “better to die alone in the desert than compromise myself with the enemy” as he is “dangerous to her heart”. I can assume this woman is meant to be reasonably intelligent and trained, she is a doctor and in the army, but she reacts like a teenager with no sense!

Ofc she fails, then clearly decided dying alone in the desert is not a good idea so next time he comes to the door she greets him naked and tells him she has just been masturbating!

At this point I just started skipping to the end.

I have never ever finished a book just thinking “but how? why?”.

Amazon Uk Link: Taken with the Enemy (Military Romance) by Tia Fanning


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