Dying Flames by Tiffany Towers

Dying FlamesDying Flames by Tiffany Towers
My rating: 1 of 5 stars
This was only a 1 star read.

I am glad I got it as a kindle freebie.

Melissa dumped Tyler 2 years before, for some random guy.

He is mad for all of half a day when she returns, then is all ready to forgive her.

Add in a crazy fiancée and just a random crazy guy and try and make it more exciting.

I just felt like, if you wanted to go with this story, it either needed to be longer and have a lot more depth, or just do the reuniting lovers without the crazies. It was quite flat and I did not care about our main characters, as it was only a very short book, and too much time is given away to the “villains” and their antics.

It is like trying to pack too much into a short book to make it exciting, but it does not work, as it is too much and you never get a real feel for the characters and it is all a bit rushed.

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