Come Away with Me (With Me in Seattle, #1) by Kristen Proby

Come Away with Me (With Me in Seattle, #1)Come Away with Me by Kristen Proby
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a 2.5 possibly 3 for me.

I had a few issues with the relationship between the 2 main characters.

Natalie Conner is a photographer who is confronted one morning, while taking pictured by Luke Williams, who thinks she is taking his picture.

It was a nice set up for a nice light read

However – There were times I wanted Natalie’s best friend to tell her to run, run far away from this man!

On the first day they meet Luke goes from being playful and charming to serious and looking like he has been kicked in the stomach, for no apparent reason. Other than the fact he is apparently at this point hiding some great secret.

Again, the first time they are having drinks together, after having only met that day, she offers to pay for her own drink and“he glares at me, an I’m stunned that he looks genuinely mad”

He is very full on straight away. “all I can think about is getting your beautiful body naked and fucking you senseless. I need to know if there is any competition. I don’t share Natalie”

Again on their very first day together, the day they met, he gets angry when she gets a txt from a friend/ex FWB. She is all nervous about his reaction, when she has known this guy hours. He aks who he is, and when she says he is just a friend he is “Look at me” His voice is sharp

He is snarling at her on their second day of knowing her when she admits she does not date men, or has not in the past, only slept with them. Ok, it might not sound good, but they have known each other just over 24 hours at this point!

When it comes out who he is, and Natalie gets upset and runs to her bedroom, he hits the wall and shouts at her “OPEN THE MOTHERFUCKING DOOR” I think they have reached 48 hours of knowing each other at this point.

He then sends literally dozens upon dozens on roses to say sorry and she is all “Oh my. Is this what it feels like to be romanced?

No, this is what it is like to be borderline stalked by a possessive jealous ass you have known 2 days!

Every time Natalie said something he might not agree with his eyes got “hard and cold” or his voice went flat and she was nervous about his reaction!

She had to change her business practices due to his jealousy!

Ok, I love an Alpha possessive “hero”, do not get me wrong, and nothing about any of the above is really all that off, unless it is put together, and if I had a friend telling me all this I would be shouting “red flags red flags run away”

I get it, we are supposed to believe he falls hard and fast etc but I could not help but feel, give it ten years, and we will be reading the story of Natalie faking her own death and running away halfway across the country to get away from him.

The plot was quite formulaic.

1. Have a main character with a slightly tragic background. Check
2. Have a secondary character trying to split up our couple. Check.
3. Have the inevitable misunderstanding that leads one or the other to think the other is cheating. Check
4. Have the accidental pregnancy. Check
5. Have the accident that makes you fear you have lost the one you love after the big argument and makes you realise how much you love each other. Check

So all in all, a 2.5 at most 3 star for me. I am always a sucker for a HEA.
I will be reading book 1.5 and book 2 in the series, 1, because I have already bought them, and 2, I am actually interested to read them.

Amazon UK Link: Come Away With Me (With Me In Seattle Book 1)


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